Denim Jeans Mistakes You Make That Ruin Your Outfit Jeans Introduction

Denim jeans

Jeans have been worn by almost two centuries back and have come a long way to develop itself into a fashionable icon. Big and loose-fitting were in trend in the 20th century, whereas in the 21st century tight and colorful jeans were liked by the people. Jeans are a good alternative for style and harsh environment like mines, from where they originated.

The mistakes that might ruin your outfit

1.  You wear the wrong size of jeans and to your surprise, you’re fine with the sizes.

you are stuck in the middle of two sizes and seriously this is not a funny moment. And one more thing to be mentioned here is that denim fabrics stretch out as the time elapses. It is better to select the smaller pair of jeans since it will naturally stretch to the natural shape of your body. And it is advisable to buy the thinner and stretchable denim as it will stretch easily.

2. When you buy the jeans then you ignore the washing instructions and wash your jeans in a harsh method, or wash them too often.

Yes, this is true and it could ruin your outlook believe it or not. Since while shopping these denim jeans you must check the tag. And if it is written that these ones are made from pure cotton and washing instructions are given then they must be followed. For a different type of fabrics, different types of washing methods are applicable. Harsh washing detergent or laundry method could damage the fabric and when you wear it the next time might give you a cheaper look.

3.  Exposing denim jeans to too much heat might damage the fabric.

This one more way of ruining your outlook since you make a mistake by exposing your fabric to too much heat. And the heat would cause the color to fade and it will not give you a good look. This will surely ruin your outlook. Hence, it is advisable to avoid too much heat on denim fabric. Better to dry out using a dryer and give necessary heat.

4. Jeans must be hemmed if needed

It is difficult to purchase jeans with the absolutely right length and fitting, to overcome this problem you can hem to get that perfect length. It is a bad practice to wear jeans that dragging on the floor. It ruins your style and proves that your sense of fashion is obsolete. When the bottom of the jeans gets wear out then it is the perfect time to get them hemmed.

5. Jeans need attention when laundering them.

This is true since other than the required setting on the machine would damage the fabric and color. It is advisable to turn the jeans inside out. This will prevent fading away quickly and will also keep the fabric in good condition.

6. Wear neat and nice jeans to look fresh rather than dull

The white-colored jeans look awesome but have the tendency to turn a dingy or yellowish appearance might appear. If you prefer white-colored denim jeans to look fresh and smart then wash them more often, as needed.

Machine drying is good but a little sunlight is essential as it drains out bad odor and micro-organisms.

7. Wearing the wrong shoe.

Jeans would bring a good personality out of you. You should make sure that to prevent ruining of style or maintaining good class jeans alone is not sufficient. You have to take care of other accessories also. Select proper shoes along with the size and design of the jeans and do match the color of the shoe with that of the jeans. The shoe should also match with the denim jeans.


At last, I would like to conclude and suggest that always use good quality of branded detergent that matches with the washing instruction of the denim jeans. Jeans have become a class and add advantage to the looks. Wearing jeans looks good but it is important to wear them correctly and match them according to your shoes and shirts.

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