Denim Fabric Origin

denim fabric

Jeans Introduction

Jeans were worn first by the people working in the mines. Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis first invented jeans.

In 1853 there was Gold mining at the peak in the West and the workers needed clothing that could withstand the harsh working environment. Since their clothes would wear out due to strenuous work and it wasn’t very easy for them to maintain the clothes. To overcome this problem, a customer requested a pair of rough and tough pants that could withstand this type of extensive work.

This marked the beginning of denim jeans manufacturing. Since the jeans were made stronger by using copper rivets, these new trousers lasted much longer than the ordinary pants they used to wear. And since then jeans have made a long journey to create a benchmark in the clothing line from being used as a mine worker’s pants to a style icon.

Some information about Denim fabric

Denim fabric is twill weave woven cotton fabric. Its property is rugged and sturdy. It was used as a sailcloth and the word Denim is derived from the word Serge de Nimes, which is a French word meaning the city of Nimes. Denim is made from cotton fibers.

A diagonal rib is visible when you look at the fabric; this is a unique characteristic of denim. This texture distinguishes it apart from other cotton fabric. The diagonal pattern is created by twill weaving. You can see that the inside of the jeans is white and the outside is blue. The reason is that while weaving denim indigo is used as a dye to warp thread and weft thread is not dyed. The colored thread is crossed with a white thread. This weaving technique makes a two-colored look.

This washing is done to make the fabric soft and to remove shrinkage. The denim is generally pre-washed. This is also called raw denim

Some fabrics are tough and more durable because they depend on further processing and additives. There is a wide range of denim varying with the style and nature of the application. Soft types of denim must be taken care of and should be washed as per the instructions.

It is being noted that the same process makes almost all denim with slight variations. But as technology has improved, we can see better and most sophisticated methods, now days almost all trusted jeans manufacturer use modern technology and machines.

Cotton is harvested by hand or machine.

The cotton fiber is separated from the seeds by using a cotton gin.

Yarn is then spun out of the cotton fiber.

Then the spun out yarn is dyed with the color of choice.

A shuttle or projectile loom is used upon which the dyed yarn is woven.

Sanforized is the name of the woven product.

Yarn production

Cotton is the main ingredient in most denim yarn. But some denim yarns are using spandex which is an elastic component. This spandex allows the fabric to stretch. Denim fabric made of cotton spandex is material to make stretch jeans


Denim jeans manufacturers use many types of colors. Indigo that was extracted from plants was used to color the fabric. The dye was extracted and then dried. But nowadays most of the denim is dyed with synthetic indigo dye. The method involves repeatedly dipping and oxidizing the yarn in a sequential manner.


The jeans factory uses this technique to scale up the volume of the jeans production. Today the denim is made on a Sulzer looms without the shuttle. These produce up to 60 inches or wider fabrics. In spite of recent technological development, denim is still woven by traditional shuttle loom in some places producing 30 inches wider fabric.

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